Vox Social Club

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7,050 Unique Metaverse-Ready SandBox Avatars

VSC Collection

July 29th – 7/29/22 – .07 ETH

Vox Social Club is an ERC-721 collection of 7,050 unique Voxels that live in the SandBox Metaverse. Each voxel is individually crafted and assembled.

Your Go-To Metaverse NFT

The Vox Social Club (VSC) collection is comprised of 7,050 Avatars with a total of 224 traits including clothing, skin color, hair style, and accessories. Use your playable avatar to represent yourself in the Metaverse. Read more to learn about the VSC Community.

What’s Different About VSC

Unique and Playable Avatars

Each VSC Avatar is assembled trait by trait. Our artists have taken the time to hand-create and build each trait in full detail.

Play-To-Earn Ecosystem

Unlike Pay-To-Win style games, our Ecosystem allows players an equal opportunity to earn SAND from our Games

High-Status Experiences

Enjoy the unique VSC Lounge, Browse exclusive NFTs from stores in the VSC, and attend concerts by your favorite artists.

VSC Holders

VSC Holders will get 50% of Vox Social Club Content listed below.

- OpenSea Royalties of VSC Collections.

- Percentage of The In-Game Sandbox Earnings.

50% of NFT Royalties and Secondary Sales will be rewarded to VSC Holders

VSC Holders will be able to play their own VSC Avatar inside The SandBox Game! 

Your OpenSea NFT is the exact Avatar you will have access to in SandBox.

How do I get my VSC Avatar in SandBox?

Connect your wallet to your SandBox Account. Click "My Avatars" to find the VSC Avatar now in your account!

VSC Holders will have BETA ACCESS to the Games and Experiences listed below.

- SAND Speedways Racing

- The SAND Pit | The Great Desert Adventure

- VSC Concerts | The Market | Lounge

Each VSC Holder will have 1 Vote Per VSC NFT.

VSC Voting allows the Holders and community to state their opinions on the direction of Vox Social Club

More specific voting is listed below.

Games | Experiences | Project Finance

The VSC Holder Art Gallery is an open space for all VSC Holders to show off their own NFTs!

The VSC Art Gallery is a part of the VSC Experiences.

There will be open spots in the Gallery for VSC Holders to place their art.

Learn more about the Art Gallery on the White Paper.


Vox Social Club NFT Mint

7,050 Avatars available to mint on the Ethereum Blockchain. See the Timeline below for VSC and Special Giveaways.

Trailer and BETA Release Date

Official "Post-Development" Gameplay Trailer of Vox Social Club Games and Experiences. BETA release date will be announced!

VSC Avatars in Sandbox

Play with your own VSC Avatar inside The Sandbox Game!  Show off your outfit to the metaverse!

BETA Launch of VSC Games

Official BETA Launch of SAND SPEEDWAYS Racing, The SAND Pit, and The Great Desert Adventure!

VSC Games Collections

Collections for SAND SPEEDWAYS Racing, The SAND Pit, and The Great Desert Adventure will be released.

BETA VSC Experiences

Official BETA Launch of VSC Concerts, Lounge, and The Market!

Jan '22


Start of VSC


Discord and Socials Setup

Feb '22


Start of Artwork Design


LANDs/Games Development

Mar '22


White Paper Development


ERC-721 Contract Development

Apr '22


LANDs/Games Dev Cont.


Voxel Artwork Complete

May '22


White Paper Complete


Social Media Campaigns

June + July '22


Mint Date Announced


First Community AMA

Mint Date - 7/29/22






50 VSC + Concerts Pass Prizes





Trailer Release of VSC Games


VSC Avatars in Sandbox Game


BETA Launch of VSC Games




BETA Launch of VSC Experiences


Evan Proper - Project Manager

My name is Evan, I am studying Finance at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. I've been in the Crypto and NFT space for 4+ years. My job is to manage all of the finances and the direction of the Vox Social Club company.

Zachary Anderson - Developer

My name is Zach, I have been programming/developing for over 4 years. I am in charge of developing the Games/Experiences LANDs, the VSC Website, White Paper, and the Smart Contract for VSC.

Brady Foss - Lead Artist

My name is Brady, I am an entrepreneur and artist. I've been designing digital art for about 3 years. My job is to create the traits, items, and avatars for the Vox Social Club.

Chris Dey - Dev/Security

My name is Chris, I've been studying Computer Networking and Cybersecurity for almost 3 years. My job is to help develop the Website, ERC-721 Smart Contract, and build the VSC Avatars. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I mint a Vox Social Club NFT?

You will be able to click the mint button on our home page. It will send you to another screen where you can connect to your wallet and then choose the amount. After that, you can pay with ETH and get your NFT minted.

How will I get my Avatar in Sandbox?

Your OpenSea NFT is the exact voxel you will have access to in SandBox. To get your voxel into SandBox, each holder will have to pair their VSC NFT with the matching SandBox voxel NFT.

What Utility do VSC NFTs have?

The VSC Utility is 50% Royalties on All Vox Social Club Content, Sandbox PLAYABLE Avatar, BETA Access to VSC Games and Experiences, Voting, VSC Holder Art Gallery, One of Ones 1% Royalties, and more bonuses in the VSC Metaverse! To learn more visit the VSC White Paper

What is "SAND SPEEDWAYS Racing"?

SAND SPEEDWAYS is a competitive racing ecosystem for racers to Earn SAND. Join the SAND Kart League, race on weekly updated race tracks, Earn TROPHIES, and play multiple game modes! Click here to learn more.

What is "The Sand Pit"?

Enter The Sand Pit! The most dangerous, most brutal fighting arena in The Sandbox! Fight with your swords and defend with your armor and shields to Earn SAND! Click here to learn more.

What is "The Great Desert Advenutre"?

Travel far and wide, day and night, for you to reach the Great Desert! Face the toughest enemies, complete the Great Puzzle, and earn the BIGGEST rewards! Click here to learn more.

What is "VSC Concerts"?

Visit the Vox Social Club Concert Hall! Listen to your favorite and upcoming music artists, get a chance to be a part of new songs or albums, and have the time of your life experiencing Concerts in The Metaverse! Click here to learn more.

What is "The Market"?

The Market is where people can buy from their favorite brands, artists, and some of our special NFTs! The Market is pieces of LAND leased out to creators to build their own shops, platforms, and advertisements. Click here to learn more.

What is "VSC Lounge"?

The VSC Lounge is where VSC Holders can lounge, and attend Private Concerts, NFT Auctions, Guest Events, and an exclusive VSC Holder Art Gallery with over 100 Spots for VSC Holder's NFTs. Click here to learn more.

Where is the Roadmap?

Click to the VSC Roadmap here.