Race to Earn SAND and Earning in the Metaverse

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July 3, 2022 9 PM EST

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SAND SPEEDWAYS Race Track Image Taken 5/25/22
Genre Status PLATFORM
Racing In Development SANDBOX, Mac/PC
SAND SPEEDWAYS Racing Game Description
Welcome to SAND SPEEDWAYS Racing! Gear up and get ready to enter the SPEEDWAYS Race Track! Jump in your SAND KART and Race To Earn SAND! The opportunities are limitless in SPEEDWAYS. Join the SAND Kart League, race on weekly updated race tracks, Earn TROPHIES, and play multiple game modes!
  • Earn SAND and TROPHIES
  • Multiple Race Tracks and Game Modes
  • SAND KART League – Race against others
  • Promote your NFTs on the Track
SAND Karts
Sand Kart League
An exclusive opportunity for competitive racers to be rewarded in SAND!
Weekly Race Tracks
Weekly updated Race Tracks with more corners, longer straits, and more rewards!
Game Modes
Time Trials, League Races, Tournaments, 3 Lap Races, 5 Lap Races, and more!
Time Trials
The race against the clock. Secure your spot on the leaderboards by setting the fastest lap times. To come in first take quick corners and don’t lay off the Gas!
League Races
Ah, Sunday. A day at the Race Track. An exclusive opportunity for competitive racers to be rewarded in SAND! Race Trials and Multi-Lap Tracks to climb the leaderboard!
All-day, everyday racing competitions with prizes such as Custom Car Decals, a chance to enter a League Race, and Concert Tickets!?!?! And that’s just the beginning!
There are 64 NFT Advertisements on the first SAND SPEEDWAYS Race Track. As an open platform, we want to bring as many artists and projects from the NFT Space into our LANDs. Images on the Games and Experiences Walls or LANDs are paid ads. This will bring revenue to the Holders along with promoting projects/artists.
Example of Earning in VSC GAMES (TROPHIES)

Win a Race or Fight = 1 Trophy

Reached 100 Wins   = 100 TROPHIES

100 TROPHIES          = SAND Earning

Redeem the SAND via the website, or sell the Trophies to the marketplace.
Sell TROPHIES to the Marketplace

Eg: Earn 5 trophies and sell them on the marketplace instead of going for 100 Trophies.

Old Style of P2E and Pay To Win

The old style of P2E is almost identical to Pay To Win. Both of these styles are unfair because it gives players the ability to purchase a better character for more money which then makes them automatically better. The main difference between the two is that P2E games are specifically NFT-based, unlike games classified as Pay To Win.

Our New Style of P2E

In order to Earn you have to enter a league. For example, joining the SAND KART CLASS allows a player to race competitively against others to Earn SAND. Buying these NFT Passes (Eg: SAND KART CLASS) does not increase your level (Power, Speed, etc.) in any way.
Our goal is to provide our players with an equal opportunity to win. We want to build an ecosystem where players can compete without having an advantage just because they spent more money on the game. Each player will have to earn their upgrades by playing the game more.

Learn More About Vox Social Club

VSC is an open platform that’s bringing Artists, Projects, and Collectors from the NFT Space into the Sandbox Metaverse! The White Paper below entails the Vox Social Club Games and Experiences, and the Vox Social Club Collection which is VSC’s first Collection minting this summer!

Our Mission

VSC is an open platform that connects NFT Space Artists, Projects, and Collectors to the Sandbox Metaverse! With multiple industries VSC is going into, such as Gaming, Music, Entertainment, and NFTs, there’s a significant opportunity for great Games and Experiences for the Metaverse that support Artists, Projects, and Collectors from the NFT Space. Along with Games and Experiences, VSC is building a strong community of people who share the same values and are enthusiastic about everything Vox Social Club has to offer.

Photos Inside the VSC LANDs

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