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July 5, 2022 9 PM EST

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The Importance of Tickets in the Concerts Metaverse

Concerts in the Metaverse is a performance in the virtual world where Artists can perform in an avatar or digital version of themselves. The importance of creating Concerts in the Metaverse allows for people throughout the world to attend an Artist’s concert online. Imagine instead of traveling many miles to see your favorite Artist, you can attend a performance right on your computer, phone, or in a virtual experience.

With the advancements in the Music NFT space and blockchain technology, an Artist can sell Concert Tickets themselves without having to go to a record label to create the funds. Now, fans, or the Artist’s community, can invest directly in the Artist.

There a three main reasons why Tickets in the Concerts Metaverse are important.

– Directly support the Artist

– Buy the Ticket as a collectible

– Reselling the Tickets

For these reasons, Tickets to the Concerts Metavesre provide a benefit to both the fans and the Artist.

Below is VSC’s approach to Tickets and Tickets in the VSC Concerts LAND.

Watch Favorite Artists
Tickets will be sold for the exclusive “Main Event” Concert held in VSC Concerts.
Special Access
Ticket holders will have special access to a Q&A meet and more prizes after the performance.
Resell Tickets
Reselling is Allowed. VSC Tickets’ primary sale will be sold for free. Price Activity and Secondary Sales will change depending on the popularity of the Artist.
*For VSC Concerts “Main Event,” tickets will be sold on our website and secondary on OpenSea.
Tickets for Main Event will be sold at 12 P.M. EST (the day of the Concert)

Learn More About Vox Social Club

VSC is an open platform that’s bringing Artists, Projects, and Collectors from the NFT Space into the Sandbox Metaverse! The White Paper below entails the Vox Social Club Games and Experiences, and the Vox Social Club Collection which is VSC’s first Collection minting this summer!

Our Mission

VSC is an open platform that connects NFT Space Artists, Projects, and Collectors to the Sandbox Metaverse! With multiple industries VSC is going into, such as Gaming, Music, Entertainment, and NFTs, there’s a significant opportunity for great Games and Experiences for the Metaverse that support Artists, Projects, and Collectors from the NFT Space. Along with Games and Experiences, VSC is building a strong community of people who share the same values and are enthusiastic about everything Vox Social Club has to offer.

Meet the VSC Team

Evan ProperProject Manager

My name is Evan, I am studying Finance at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. I’ve been in the Crypto and NFT space for 4+ years. My job is to manage all of the finances and the direction of the Vox Social Club company.
Zachary AndersonDeveloper
My name is Zach, I have been programming/developing for over 4 years. I am in charge of developing the Games/Experiences LANDs, the VSC Website, White Paper, and the Smart Contract for VSC.
Brady Foss – Lead Artist
My name is Brady, I am an entrepreneur and artist. I’ve been designing digital art for about 3 years. My job is to create the traits, items, and avatars for the Vox Social Club.
Chris Dey – Dev/Security
My name is Chris, I’ve been studying Computer Networking and Cybersecurity for almost 3 years. My job is to help develop the Website and ERC-721 Smart Contract.

Photos Inside the VSC LANDs

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