VSC Inside The LANDs: Rent, Advertise, Tickets, Venues, and Trophies!

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June 18, 2022 9 AM EST

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Quick Summary

First, What Is the Vox Social Club?

VSC is an open platform that’s bringing Artists, Projects, and Collectors from the NFT Space into the Sandbox Metaverse! The White Paper below entails the Vox Social Club Games and Experiences, and the Vox Social Club Collection which is VSC’s first Collection minting this summer!

Our Mission

VSC is an open platform that connects NFT Space Artists, Projects, and Collectors to the Sandbox Metaverse! With multiple industries VSC is going into, such as Gaming, Music, Entertainment, and NFTs, there’s a significant opportunity for great Games and Experiences for the Metaverse that support Artists, Projects, and Collectors from the NFT Space. Along with Games and Experiences, VSC is building a strong community of people who share the same values and are enthusiastic about everything Vox Social Club has to offer.

Meet the VSC Team

Evan ProperProject Manager

My name is Evan, I am studying Finance at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. I’ve been in the Crypto and NFT space for 4+ years. My job is to manage all of the finances and the direction of the Vox Social Club company.
Zachary AndersonDeveloper
My name is Zach, I have been programming/developing for over 4 years. I am in charge of developing the Games/Experiences LANDs, the VSC Website, White Paper, and the Smart Contract for VSC.
Brady Foss – Lead Artist
My name is Brady, I am an entrepreneur and artist. I’ve been designing digital art for about 3 years. My job is to create the traits, items, and avatars for the Vox Social Club.
Chris Dey – Dev/Security
My name is Chris, I’ve been studying Computer Networking and Cybersecurity for almost 3 years. My job is to help develop the Website and ERC-721 Smart Contract.

VSC Inside The LANDs

VSC Inside The LANDs: Rent, Advertise, Tickets, Venues, and Trophies! Use the VSC LANDs to your advantage and promote your project!


Build, Promote, and Showcase Your Project
There are 16 Parcels in The Market. As an open platform, we want to bring as many artists and projects from the NFT Space into our LANDs. VSC is leasing out pieces of LAND in The Market! Renters have the ability to build almost anything they can imagine including wearable shops and advertisements.
As an open platform, we want to bring as many artists and projects from the NFT Space into our LANDs. Images on the Games and Experiences Walls or LANDs are paid ads. This will bring revenue to the Holders along with promoting projects/artists.
Revenue Stream Example
20 Advertisements in VSC SAND SPEEDWAYS Racing Wall Art
20 x an example (100/week) would yield $2,000 per week, $104,000 per year.
50% to VSC Holders ($52,000) distributed equally to 7,050 Holders.
Watch Favorite Artists
Tickets will be sold for the exclusive “Main Event” Concert held in VSC Concerts.
Special Access
Ticket holders will have special access to a Q&A meet and more prizes after the performance.
Resell Tickets
Reselling is Allowed. VSC Tickets’ primary sale will be sold for free. Price Activity and Secondary Sales will change depending on the popularity of the Artist.
*For VSC Concerts “Main Event,” tickets will be sold on our website and secondary on OpenSea.
Tickets for Main Event will be sold at 12 P.M. EST (the day of the Concert)
Multiple Stages
Multiple stages for artists to have performances and grow a following in the Music and Music NFT Space!
For Smaller Artists
A chance for smaller artists to gain traction in the Music and Music NFT Space!
Built Experiences
Concert experiences are built by the VSC Team with the Artist’s help and inspiration.
Earn, Redeem, and Sell TROPHIES From Race and Fight Wins!
Below are the main points on why VSC is using TROPHIES.
  • Verification
  • Finance
  • Entertainment
With a Trophy NFT, it will be much easier for VSC to verify when the player either wins a race in SPEEDWAYS or a fight in The SAND Pit. Verification is done in a two-party system. One on the website and the other with the Trophy NFT. This leads to the simpler distribution of earnings.
Gas prices are extremely high at the moment. Instead of sending .5 or 1 SAND to the player’s wallet, there will be a payout threshold (Example: 50 SAND) to save on company finances.
Since TROPHIES are percentages of the payout, selling a TROPHY on the marketplace will allow for smaller selling points and less gas fees. TROPHIES use the Polygon blockchain.
With the payout threshold, earning will become boring unless daily rewards are given out. Of course, we will still have weekly and monthly tournaments for SAND prizes, but depending on the player’s win rate, reaching the payout threshold could take some time. Earning and selling TROPHIES will create a more enjoyable and also competitive gaming environment.
Example of Earning in VSC GAMES (TROPHIES)
Win a Race or Fight  = 1 Trophy
Reached 100 Wins   = 100 Trophies
100 TROPHIES         = SAND Earning
Redeem the SAND via the website, or sell the Trophies to the marketplace.
Sell TROPHIES to the Marketplace
Eg: Earn 5 trophies and sell them on the marketplace instead of going for 100 Trophies.

Photos Inside the VSC LANDs

This is VSC’s 5th blog post. New blogs are released every day at 9 AM and 9 PM EST.


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